How did the McMahon Mix & Mingle start?


Tom McMahon Sr. was raised in Waterbury, CT by a mother that always had an open door and often provided food and a bit of shelter to people in need. Fast forward many years and taking a look around the McMahon house you can often see a dinner being prepared, a party being hosted, the family lounging poolside and if you are a neighbor, a driveway full of cars. As his kids got older and moved out, Tom built an outside tropical paradise, McIsland.

With the new oasis weekends were spent hosting family, friends and neighbors for evening BBQ's. If there is one thing Mr. McMahon loves it is being surrounded by good company. In November 2012 the family decided to ask all guests in attendance to bring a new unwrapped toy that would be donated to Toys for Tots. The amount of participation for this event was more than expected and "McMahon Mix & Mingle" was born.

The following January we began hosting local organizations and collecting donations at the door with proceeds being given to the selected charity. We became a no cost venue for smaller organizations that can truly benefit from these gatherings.


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