Welcome to McMahon Mix & Mingle Inc., where philanthropy meets community in the heart of every gathering we orchestrate. Our story began in November of 2012, rooted in a simple yet profound idea by the McMahon Family, designed to bring people together for a cause greater than themselves.

It all started with an invitation to friends and neighbors, requesting each guest to bring an unwrapped toy in lieu of an entry fee, ensuring every attendee was a contributor to a grander vision. This modest act of kindness was set in a tropical paradise ambiance, curated in our backyard, fostering connections over delightful food and drinks. The unwrapped toys collected were lovingly placed under decorated Christmas trees, soon finding their way to children in need through Toys for Tots.

Our initiative wasn't just about collecting toys; it was about creating a platform for community involvement and support. This ethos led us to open our doors, or rather, our backyard, to local organizations. We transformed into a no-cost venue for smaller local non-profits that stood to gain significantly from such community gathering and generosity.

Since 2014, McMahon Mix & Mingle Inc. has hosted 10,000 guests, raising over $175,000 for 35+ charitable organizations. This achievement was made possible through the heart and hard work of the McMahon family and an extensive network of friends who volunteered their time, resources, and culinary skills to fuel each event.

Today, McMahon Mix & Mingle Inc. stands proud as a Public Charity, recognized under the section 509(a)(2) status. This allows our donors the added benefit of deducting contributions under section 170, further encouraging the spirit of giving among our generous community.

Each event we host is a testament to the power of community-driven efforts, embodying the belief that together, we can make a significant impact.

McMahon Mix & Mingle Inc. is more than just an organization; it's a beacon of hope, a celebration of unity, and a tribute to the kind-hearted spirit that dwells in each of us.

Join us in our ongoing mission to support those in need while fostering enduring bonds within our community.

Together, we are building a legacy of love, generosity, and shared joy, one event at a time.







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